#Zone5Radio – Blue Plate Special

Earlier this week I went to Taqueria Del Sol on the Westside and had one of the most amazing meals of my entire life. It was a chimichanga with a side of rice & avocado sauce, I can’t remember what was in the chimichanga so I’m going back tomorrow for a reminder. What I do remember is that it was a level scrumptiousness that words cannot describe. Anyways, the point is that it was called the “Blue Plate Special” and I fell in love with it. Thus, I decided to make a mix of hip-hop love songs that lightly depict my feelings about the meal I had the other day.


Tracklist | DOWNLOAD (right click, save as)

1. Kanye West – White Dress

2. Ne-Yo – Miss Right

3. Miguel – Adorn (Bad Boy Remix)

4. Rihanna – Diamonds

5. John Legend – Tonight

6. Lupe & Bilal – How Dare You

7. Justin Bieber & 2 Chainz – Boyfriend

8. Will.I.Am – Fly Girl

9. Raheem DeVaughn – Where I Stand

One more thing. My knowledge of Mexican cuisine is limited to burritos, tacos, nachos, and quesadillas. Beyond that I can’t tell a chalupa from an enchilada. So, maybe YOU knew this already, but a chimichanga is a basically a fried burrito. Imagine if they deep fried your Chipotle AFTER the ingredients were all wrapped & stirred up. Your cheese would be melted already…man I’m salivating just writing about it…

So I said all that to say; Yes, I made a mix about a chimichanga…at least I didn’t post it on Instagram.

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