Right Here, Right Now

Those of you that know me personally know I’m addicted to continuous improvement. I’m always reading some self-help book or magazine article on how to get better at any and everything. I realized recently that this stems from a lack of appreciation for all the progress that got me here in the first place. Since I’m always looking forward, I rarely look back to celebrate my accomplishments.

In realizing I have this problem, I wanted to share my thoughts just in case you, or anyone else reading, might be going through the same thing. We live in a world of consumption. Information is force fed to us at alarming rates, so it’s easy to get brainwashed into the wave of future thinking. Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses and appreciate the present moment. Right here. Right now. Not just for what it is, but for all the accomplishments you achieved and mistakes you learned from that got you here.

“…if you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those two imposters just the same…” – Rudyard Kipling

So…for now, I’ll try to do a better job of appreciating where I’m at and the fact that at some point in my past, I overcame obstacles and kept pushing, and that’s why I’m here today. I encourage you to do the same. Always remember, it could be worse…

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