Labor Day BBQ Mixtape [Clean]

Oh you’re having people over for Labor Day and wanna make sure the music is dope? I got you!

Oh, whoever made the playlist at the BBQ you’re currently at is wack and you plan to take action? I got you!

All the parents & children left and you wanna turn the party up? I got you!

Just press play.

The home Chan-Lo told me to do a mix of all the summer bangers. So here it is. I kept it clean so you can still play it even if you’re having family over, you know how it is…

FYI, this mix is an hour long and the tracklisting shows up on your iPod too.

This is what my summer sounded like…and yes I know I forgot to put New God Flow on there, but you weren’t around when I made the playlist.

Tracklist | DOWNLOAD (right click, save as)

1. Beyonce – Love On Top

2. The-Dream – Dope Chick

3. Trey Songz – 2 Reasons

4. Konshens – Gal A Bubble

5. Nas – Summer On Smash

6. Miguel – Adorn

7. Rick Ross – Touch’n You

8. Rick Ross – Diced Pineapples

9. DJ Khaled – I Did It For My Dawgs

10. Jay-Z – It’s Just Different (3 Kings Verse)

11. Meek Mill – Burn

12. Kanye West – Theraflu

13. Future – Turn On The Lights

14. Wale & Meek Mill – Actin Up

14. Pusha T – I Don’t Like

15. Diddy – Same Damn Time

16. Kanye West – Mercy

17. 2 Chainz – No Lie

18. Juicy J – Bandz A Make Her Dance

19. 2 Chainz – I Luv Dem Strippers

20. French Montana – Pop That

21. Meek Mill – Amen

22. Usher – Lemme See

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