Six-Pack Shawty, Vol. 1

Here’s some workout music for my cardio afficionados. Big up to all my fellow runners. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing 2/3 miles a day or running marathons, keep grinding. Make sure your stride is right and keep your knees up when running uphill.

I’ve lost 30 lbs recently (190 to 160) and it feels/looks better than I could have ever imagined. I went from having a lil pudge to the outline of 6 pack a 4 pack. The key to success is consistency. Use cardio workouts to jump start your metabolism. After that, add lifting weights to your regime and you’ll not only see the lbs & inches wisk away but you’ll take your shirt off for no reason start to get compliments on your physique from strangers and loved ones alike.

Tracklist | DOWNLOAD (right click, save as)

1. Aly-Us – Follow Me

2. Freddie Gibbs – Playa

3. Loverance – Up

4. Gotye – Somebody I Used To Know

5. Lloyd – Dedication To My Ex f/ Lil Wayne & Andre 3000

6. Fun – We Are Young

7. The Wanted – Glad You Came

8. Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up

9. Rihanna – Where Have You Been

10. Drake – Take Care f/ Rihanna

11. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

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2 responses to “Six-Pack Shawty, Vol. 1

  1. I thought this was about beer originally. LOL.

  2. MsV

    Will be working out to this today….nice
    Fav is Eat Your Breakfast

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