Sophisticated Ignorance, Vol. 4

I swear I was talking over the records on this one, but for some reason my vocals didn’t record…oh well.

I’m adjusting well to NYC…in case you were wondering. I learned yesterday not to drive to class though. I drove downtown to shave 30 minutes off my train ride and ended up looking for parking for 30 minutes when I got back. Great.

Tracklist | DOWNLOAD (right click, save as)

1. Mia Wallace by Wiz Khalifa

2. Do It by Mykko Montana

3. Pills & Cocaine by Danny Brown

4. Same Damn Time Remix by Diddy

5. Mobbin by Maino

6. Till I Die by Chris Brown & Big Sean

7. Sweet Love by Chris Brown

8. Gotta Have It by The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye)

9. Suck It Or Not by Cam’ron

10. I Can Tell by 504 Boyz

11. Slow Motion by Soulja Slim

12. Some Cut by Trillville

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